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Having trouble keeping track of all your resources, notes, and projects in medical school?

This template includes:

  • Rotations database → Blocks for standard divisions of clinical rotations for your M3 year, with room for important dates and contact info.
  • Notebooks database → Allows you to take notes in a centralized database, which is then related to individual notebooks for various subjects where you can also add resources for those specific subjects.

Standard Edition: The cover images for notebooks and clinical rotation blocks are scientific images from Unsplash.

I want this!

Quality blank notebooks can cost $10+. By donating a small token to creators, like myself, who spend hours crafting templates, you nurture the Notion community and keep it going for longer. Thank you for your support in my med school journey. ♥️ You'll get the link to the template, available for duplication and customization after you check out. ✨

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